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Malia Obama Stories Disappear From the Web...Again

Image source: The Daily Mail

Remember back in March when news stories about Malia Obama vacationing in Mexico started disappearing from the web?

The White House ultimately admitted to asking news outlets to pull their stories in order to protect the first daughter's safety while she was abroad, and also because there was "no vital news interest."

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It seems the same thing has happened again, this time after Malia attended a concert last week by U.K. boy band One Direction.

The Daily Caller pointed out that two of the main outlets that covered Malia's attendance have since scrubbed their stories or heavily altered them.

The Huffington Post on Friday ran the the headline, “Malia Obama, One Direction Fan: First Daughter Attends Boy Band Concert with Secret Service in Tow.”

By Sunday, a link to the story was redirecting to website's "Entertainment" page:

BuzzFeed took a different approach. Its Saturday post, titled "Malia Obama Goes to the One Direction Concert with the Secret Service," was subsequently changed to "Secret Service Agent Does Not Appear To Enjoy One Direction Concert." Instead of the picture of Malia in the audience, the post's only feature was a skinny, cropped image of the glaring Secret Service agent:

Still, not all news mentions of Malia's concert-going have been removed: The Daily Mail, which removed its version of the Mexico story, still has its story up, as does the Washington Examiner. TMZ, one of the first outlets to publish the photograph of Malia at the concert, still has its version up as well.

As the Daily Caller noted, the main difference between the Mexico and concert stories is that the Mexico reports were published while Malia was still in the country, thus posing a potential security risk. The concert reports, however, were only published after the fact -- posing no risk to Malia's safety.

Whatever it might say about not reporting on the Obama girls, it certainly hasn't stopped the White House from trotting them out when necessary to suit the president's political needs.

(h/t Daily Caller)

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