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Huntsman one of the 'sexiest men alive'? AARP says yes!


I'm so sorry to tell you the AARP has named Jon Huntsman as one of the "21 Sexiest Men Alive" over the age of 50. Unless you're into that sort of thing. In that case, congratulations.

Here's what the old-people organization said about Huntsman:

Before dropping out of the presidential race, Huntsman, the former Utah governor and ambassador to China, was the hippest dude in the conservative crowd. The 28-years-married father of seven once played keyboards with a rock band, rode his Harley on the campaign trail and referenced Kurt Cobain during the debates.

Does playing keyboards, riding a Harley and referencing Kurt Cobain sound sexy? Or does it sound like Dee Snider of Twisted Sister? The jury's still out on that one, but also on the list are actor George Clooney, country singer George Strait and NBC news anchor Brian Williams.

And that photo to the right of Huntsman-- that's the photo AARP used to illustrate how sexy he is. Or, to illustrate that he doesn't know where the camera is, I'm not sure.

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