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Want 'a Better Amercia'? New Romney App Misspelling Goes Viral


"humiliating oversight"

You have to wonder how many of Mitt Romney's detractors will now question his dedication to his country. Why? Because apparently he's a fan of Amercia, not America. That's at least according to a recent gaffe by his campaign.

A new iPhone app promoting the GOP hopeful allows supporters to take a photo of themselves with their phones and superimpose a "Mitt-inspired artistic frame" or personalized message that lets them share with the social media world that "I'm with Mitt." Slogans for the "With Mitt" app include "I'm with Mitt," "We're with Mitt," "Mom's for Mitt," "Obama isn't working," and -- the one that is getting the most attention -- "A better Amercia."

You read that correctly. Amercia. The flip-flop of two letters near the end has gone viral.

Mashable reports this "humiliating oversight" is made even more embarrassing considering that Romney's digital director, Zac Moffatt, said in a profile about the app last week that it would be a "fun, easy way to showcase support." Now, as Mashable puts it, the app is "a platform for ridicule."

Here is some of what Mashable pulled together from the Twittersphere about the typo:

These are a few more we picked out:

Here are some actual customer reviews on the iPhone app store:

Fox News reports that the Romney campaign has submitted a correction to the iPhone app store.

Let us know your favorite Amercia puns in the comments.

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