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Be Inspired: Watch a Boy With Cerebral Palsy Run a Quarter Mile in a Field Day Event


"Let's go Matt! Let's go!"

Matt running during a field day activity. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

As grade schools around the country begin wrapping up for the summer, many students are participating in field day events.

Matt is a student at Colonial Hills Elementary School in Worthington, Ohio, who has spastic cerebral palsy, which makes many field day events challenging for him. He was told he could sit out of a running activity, but, chose not to.

Watch his determined run and see if you aren't chanting "Let's go Matt!" with his classmates at the end as well:

It is unclear from the video how far exactly Matt ran, but Yahoo News reports it was a 400-meter dash on a grass track where one lap was 200 meters. At the beginning Matt is going pretty strong given his disability, but soon the video shows just how difficult this was for him. Matt's gym teacher first joins him on the field for support, followed by classmates who begin chanting encouragement.

The YouTube description of a video showing Matt's run posted on May 27 has more than 100,000 hits and describes the event as showing "a boy who is filled with determination and a school of children who spontaneously come together and inspire Matt and everyone of us to do and be better."

[H/T Blaze reader Karol O.]

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