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Obama offers exclusive campaign goodies for the 1%


As political campaign fare goes, it's usually all pretty standard: tee shirts, buttons, yard signs, etc. But Barack Obama's campaign is always thinking outside of that conventional box. In fact, the Obama campaign looks like it's trying to woo support from the upper echelons of American society.  How? With designer campaign fare, natch.

Available under the banner "Runway to Win," the Obama campaign is selling merch from some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.  I don't know who Tory Burch is or what he or she designs, but apparently having the name attached to an Obama canvas tote bag makes it worth $75...

Or how about the American flag emblazoned with "Obama 12" and hearts on a bag by Diane von Furstenberg?  Not only will it tick off your flag-loving friends, but you can sport your designer support for Obama with this bag for just $85. Vera Wang put together a similar look here.  (Seriously? Some of the most notable fashion designers of today and the best they can come up with is Obama + hearts?)

There are silk scarves for $95, wristlet wallets for $85 and a "Let us be clear" hoodie for $95 -- ironically, Obama's overused slogan is split in two by the zipper -- some delightfully ironic and appropriate imagery in my opinion which mirrors Obama's own particular brand of "clarity":

I wonder how many of the so-called 99%ers will be perusing this page to get their hands on the exclusive designer Obama swag.

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