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How Many Heads and Beaks Does This Mutant Bird Found in Mass. Have?


"I’ve definitely never seen anything like it."

"Beaker" (Photo: April Britt via the Daily Hampshire Gazette)

With spring well underway, baby animals are cropping up left and right. One of the more common ones to spot are baby birds, but this one seen by a Massachusetts woman was far from normal.

The chick April Britt saw in her Northhampton backyard, according to CBS Local, had two heads and three beaks. Britt states she had seen adult cardinals in the area before, suggesting the chicks are of that species. While many birds would abandon a deformed chick such as this, Britt says she frequently saw adults coming back to feed it.

“I thought it was pretty rare. I’ve definitely never seen anything like it. I’ve seen a two-headed snake and I’ve seen a frog in a pond with three legs, but I’ve never seen a deformed bird like this before,” Britt told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

CBS reports experts saying it is unlikely the bird will make it well into adulthood. Tom Lautzenheiser with the Massachusetts Audubon Society believes it is unusual that the bird has even lived long enough to be able to move around on its own, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

The Gazette reports as of Tuesday the bird and its parents were no longer at their previous location. Britt said if they had been around longer, she would have named the chick "Beaker."

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