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Where Are the Jobs?' See David Axelrod Heckled By Protesters During Speech in Boston



The Obama campaign has continued its focus on the record of presumptive general election opponent Mitt Romney, rather than the president's first term achievements. After spending several weeks looking to build momentum in scrutinizing Romney's career at Bain Capital, the reelection campaign has now put the spotlight on their opponent's one term as Governor of Massachusetts.

Senior Obama Campaign Adviser David Axelrod delivered a hyped-up address outside the Massachusetts State House Thursday to launch their new "Romney economics" focus, attacking Romney's tenure as Governor of the Bay State.

"Massachusetts stumbled under Gov. Romney. He brought the orientation of a financial engineer who's career has not been about generating jobs it's been about generating short-term profit," CNN reports Axelrod said from a podium reading "RomneyEconomics.com."

"This may work in the realm of leveraged buyouts and quick scores. That may work in that world, but it's not how you build a future."

Despite Boston's deep modern Democratic Party roots, the remarks by Axelrod and a group of elected officials during Romney's tenure (all of whom happen to be Democrats), were met with a strong contingent of Pro-Romney supporters, heckling the speakers with chants that took jabs at the policies of the Obama administration.

"It is great to be in Massachusetts, Obama country," Axelrod said over chants of 'SO-LYN-DRA' and 'MITT-MITT-MITT.'

"I get tweets from some of these folks so I feel close to them. You can shout down speakers my friends but it is hard to etch-a-sketch the truth away."

BuzzFeed caught video of the protesters drowning out Axelrod with bullhorns and chants of "WHERE ARE THE JOBS, WHERE ARE THE JOBS."

At one point, Axelrod responded with dialogue reminiscent of an Aaron Sorkin film, "You can't handle the truth my friends."

Axelrod's speech comes the day that the Obama campaign released a new video and onslaught of attacks on the site RomneyEconomics.com, claiming that upon leaving the State House, Gov. Romney left behind debt, continued budget increases, higher taxes, and fewer jobs.

CNN reports that before the Axelrod-led event, two Republican state representatives took to the same steps to defend Romney's Massachusetts record on job creation, saying he generated more jobs while governor than President Barack Obama has in his first term.

"The beautiful thing about the contrast here today with Gov. Romney and President Obama is that it's an apples to apples comparison. Both men took office as chief executives in a time of recession, in a time of downturn in the economy, look at the track record both men have to show for it," state Rep. Dan Winslow told reporters. "Romney had job creation in Massachusetts with net jobs created that exceed the number of net jobs created in the entire Untied States under the Obama administration."

The Boston Globe captured video of the competing press conferences and protest:

While the Obama campaign went to Boston to deliver what has been built up as a major pillar in their arsenal against Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee made an unannounced appearance outside one of the shuttered offices of Solyndra, the solar energy company that went bankrupt after receiving government loans. Ashley R. Parker of the New York Times tweeted this photo from Romney's Solyndra appearance Thursday afternoon:

Romney attacked the president's green energy record during his remarks in front of the offices in Fremont, California. He said that a $535 million loan to Solyndra represented a conflict of interest because it benefited some of Obama's campaign contributors, while the loan also discouraged others from starting similar companies.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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