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Rep. Joe Walsh: Jesse Jackson 'Is a Race Hustler, Just Like Al Sharpton


"Invested in people thinking there's racism."

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), known for his passionate, sometimes blunt remarks, did it again Friday when he called Rev. Jesse Jackson a "race hustler, just like Al Sharpton."

Walsh, appearing on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," was defending his contention that Democrats are essentially promising Hispanic and black voters entitlement programs in order to buy their votes.

When host Bill O'Reilly questioned whether Walsh believes Democrats actually sit back and scheme in those terms, he said yes.

"Yes I bet they do state it that explicitly," Walsh said, adding that President Barack Obama has been "running around from interest group to interest group" promising contraception, student loan benefits and going after the youth vote.

"I think they look at it as buying votes," Walsh said. "Once they have you hooked on government you're going to keep voting for them."

But he said he wasn't insulting black and Hispanic groups by insinuating they weren't smart enough to figure out such a scheme.

"It's a shot at the Democratic Party. I tried to be insulting to them," Walsh said, adding that Jackson is someone who is "complicit in this thing."

He added, "The best way to give a hand up to inner-city African American parents is to give them school choice. Give an African American or Hispanic parent the ability to send to send their child to any school in the city of Chicago, Jesse Jackson stands in the way of that. He wants to imprison poor black kids in under performing schools."

O'Reilly said Walsh was making a "tough accusation" against Jackson by charging that he wants to keep blacks in a 'virtual slavery to the federal government."

"I think he's a race hustler, just like Al Sharpton is," Walsh said.

Going on to question why Jackson didn't speak out against a recent spate of black-on-black crime, Walsh concluded: "They are invested in people thinking there's racism and without racism, Jesse Jackson couldn't exist."

Watch below, via Fox News:

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