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Beck Delivers Hilarious Reaction to Alex Jones Claiming Bildeberg Attendees are Eating Gold-Roasted Babies


"I'm a fan of Whataburgers, not a fan of Bildebergers."

Glenn Beck has long advocated having gold on hand just in case the financial system hiccups or collapses. He's also advocated having food stored for the same reason. And now, as his radio co-hosts have suggested, he's found the perfect combination of both in the Bildeberg attendees and their golden-roasted babies.

What am I talking about? Over the weekend we brought you the story of conspiracy king Alex Jones protesting outside the Bildeberg conference in Virginia and accusing attendees of actually eating gold-plated, roasted babies. According to his own words, he wasn't kidding. So on radio Monday, Glenn Beck had a blast with the audio and the theory.

"He's an amazing individual," Beck said with plenty of snark, before adding, "I'm a fan of Whataburgers, not a fan of Bildebergers, but I'm not out saying these things." He then played the audio of Jones's crazy, bullhorn-delivered theory before making a crackling sound and asking his co-hosts how they liked their babies cooked (after all, since Beck is mocking it, he must be a part of the conspiracy).

Stu, the show's producer, eventually even gave the recipe for the "golden-roasted babies," which was e-mailed to him by Bildeberg attendee Rick Perry (governor of Texas). Watch the hilarious segment below:

"Here's the thing: there are many things you can believe, and some things you should, like 'Is the system going to be reset?' -- yes," Beck concluded on a more serious note. "'Are some of the elites helping it along?' ... Yes. 'Are those people eating roasted, golden babies?' No, I think that's where you start to question your source of information."

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