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Did You Know 33 Million Americans Aren't Registered to Vote?: In Stage 2, Beck Urges People to 'Activate

Did You Know 33 Million Americans Aren't Registered to Vote?: In Stage 2, Beck Urges People to 'Activate

Despite their patriotism, knowledge of politics and reverence for the Constitution, nearly half of a group of 41,000 donors to a GOP candidate were reportedly not registered to vote. Likewise, similar statistics are reportedly plaguing other right-leaning organizations, which are seeing at least 20-30% of their membership registered to vote. This election season, Glenn Beck thinks statistics like these are doubly frightening, as if they would likely ensure Barack Obama's reelection.

Currently, some 33 million -- or, 14% of Americans of voting age -- believe they are registered to vote but are not. Beck outline how critical this point is by explaining that the during the 2000 election, George W. Bush won by a mere 537 votes -- or 0.009% -- in Florida. In New Mexico, the disparity was even narrower with only 363 votes. Beck then invoked John F. Kennedy's 0.16% victory over Richard Nixon.

The message from Beck to viewers was clear: Register to vote. In other words, "activate."

It comes as no surprise that Liberals are considered effective organizers (as indicated by Van Jones growing Rebuild The Dream movement). With the ability to rally their base and embark on successful voter registration drives (of both the legitimate and non-legitimate variety), the left has cornered the market on mobilization.

Beck, who believes Americans are in the fight of their lives (fight for our lives) – said we’re witnessing firsthand the fundamental transformation of America. You might recall from The Blaze's earlier articles on "The Road We Are Traveling," that fundamental transformation is a key tenet of the progressive movement as it drives America toward a European-style Socialist "utopia." Members of the left, meanwhile, will fervently continue to sell the narrative that Capitalism has failed, that the Department of Justice is, well, all about justice, that Obama is in fact conservative, and just about any other Orwellian version of reality they can conjure up.

Conservatives must activate

Beck believes everyone including, disillusioned Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and conservatives must be better than their ideological opposites in order to secure victory in 2012 and ensure that the presidential election will send a clear mandate to Washington, and to progressives across the country with a landslide victory. To this end, Beck unveiled the second phase of his four-part plan Tuesday evening with an emphasis on activation -- especially through voter registration.

He urged Americans to find out if they are registered to vote and if not, register themselves, and include four friends in the process. Beck has partnered with David Barton's WallBuilders.com , which provides all the tools needed to help people register to vote. Printable forms are also available, as is an option to "adopt a schlub." Beck noted that the site is both simple and engaging, making it entertaining and easy for people to participate.

While the primary excuse given by registered voters who fail to make it to the polls is that they are "too busy." Beck wondered what could be more important than taking 15 minutes of the day to vote, especially in the most significant election to date.

America's image, according to Beck, has been battered by the mainstream media, the progressive left, and other ideological opponents. To aid in its restoration, he urged viewers to consider joining any of the organizations and initiatives listed below. GlennBeck.com also provides details:

  1. Become part of the Tea Party movement the week of Restoring LoveFreePac & the Constitutional Conference
  2. I want to join a team – 9/12 ProjectFreedomWorks, or a local Tea Party

It can be done and "you are the key."

The threat is imminent 

Invoking a new Blaze article that details how former green jobs "czar" Van Jones is building a progressive economic movement, Beck reminded viewers that the left, along with the mainstream media, has been bent on painting the Tea Party as extremists. This is done because the Tea Party has occupied the space progressives themselves wish to occupy.

Recalling how Libertarians have helped to thwart career politicians like Orrin Hatch and Dick Luger from remaining in the halls of Washington indefinitely, Beck praised the efforts of groups like the Tea Party, FreedomWorks and 9-12 Projects who have acted as "significant" movers in the political equation.

As the season’s races begin to heat up, Beck urged viewers who don’t yet belong to FreedomWorks, a 9-12 Project, or the Tea Party to join.

Additional details on how to get involved can be found at GlennBeck.com.


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