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We're On Our Way to Wisconsin': Radio Caller Claims Unions Are Busing People Into Wisconsin to Vote for Democrats


"Most of them are Democrat..it's a Democratic union..its actually a Democratic union organized by Democrats. But I'm not going on there to vote for the Democrat."

On WMAL's Chris Plante show today, Plante fielded a possible whistle blowing call regarding voter fraud on the part of unions in the Wisconsin recall election today. The caller, who claimed to be a member of a mostly Democratic union in Michigan, explained that he was riding on one of four buses from Michigan into Wisconsin, where he planned to cast a (fraudulent) vote for Scott Walker, unlike his fellows, who he suggested would vote (equally fraudulently) for Tom Barrett.

Listen to the segment below:

Excerpts from the transcript:


I'm trying to be quiet... I'm actually on a bus. I'm from Michigan and I'm actually on a bus. Three other buses following us and we're on our way to Wisconsin. I'm not even a registered Democrat.


...and what are you doin'? What are you going there for?


I'm gonna vote for Scott Walker...


You're going to Michigan? You're going to Wisconsin from Michigan?


No, we're going to Wisconsin. We're from Michigan.[...]


Now, wait a minute, now wait just a minute. You're going, you're on a bus. in a convoy of four buses. You left the Detroit area. The convoy of four buses is headed to Wisconsin to vote. Now who organized this little foray?


Chris, I'm not even sure. I just heard about it and I jumped on the bus. I'm talking low key cause' I guarantee that if these people knew my intentions..man I'd be killed.


You're on a bus full of people going from Michigan to Wisconsin and you believe that most of the people on the bus..other than yourself..you believe that ALL of the people other than yourself are going there to vote for Tom Barrett


Most of them are Democrat..it's a Democratic union..its actually a Democratic union organized by Democrats. But I'm not goin on there to vote for the Democrat. I'm going on there to vote for Scott Walker. Once I heard about it I- I was thinking, hey..this is an opportunity to sabotage what they always do to Republicans.

Plante also took some steps to do due diligence on the story, to try to make sure it wasn't a hoax, asking after the number of people involved, and where they had met to begin this venture in fraudulent voting. The caller provided answers to all of these questions, though they were sufficiently vague that the story still retains the status of a rumor. Not seeing it corroborated anywhere else, we urge readers to be critical.

UPDATE: The Right Scoop notes this important piece of information, which casts extraordinary doubt on the call:

This doesn’t make the call fraudulent, but it does make it unverifiable and therefore moot. Chris Plante reported in the following segment that caller ‘Mike’ did not stay on the line during the break for Plante to get his phone number.

H/T: Fox Nation 

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