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Wild Scene as Russian Soccer Fans Attack Stadium Staff Following Win Over Czech Republic

Image source: YouTube

Soccer fans staff

A chaotic scene broke out Friday as dozens of soccer fans attacked stadium staff following Russia's 4-1 blowout win against the Czech Republic in the Euro 2012 championships.

Amateur footage posted to YouTube shows fans attacking men in fluorescent shirts who appear to be stadium employees. One staff member is repeatedly punched in the face as he tries to escape; another ends up motionless on the ground before he is rescued by colleagues and helped to his feet.

Soccer fans staff1

Local police confirmed that the violence was caused by Russian-speaking supporters.

Police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski said: "I can confirm that this happened at the stadium.

"The attackers were from the group of Russian language fans. We are trying to identify them. Police have the security footage from the stadium, we are looking into it."

Soccer fans staff2

When asked why the police did not step in to assist the stadium staff at the time, Sokolowski said: "It was at the stadium. We react when security and steward at the stadium cannot handle things. In this case they fast took control at the situation."

According to Eurosport's Polish office, four members of stadium staff were taken to hospital but all were released later that evening.

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