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Beck to Announce New Radio Deal (Report -- $100 Million Contract)


If you love listening to Glenn Beck on the radio, and many, many millions of you do, you will get to do so for years to come.

The news about Beck's radio show hit the New York Times Sunday evening:

His company, Mercury Radio Arts, will announce on Monday that it has renewed its contract with Premiere Networks, keeping “The Glenn Beck Program” in syndication for five more years.

Mr. Beck’s show entered national syndication via Premiere, a unit of Clear Channel, 10 years ago. Now carried by more than 400 stations, the show typically ranks No. 3 among all news-talk radio shows.

The Times quotes Premiere Radio's president Julie Talbott calling Beck one in a "handful of superstar talents."  Beck praised Premiere as a "true partner in every sense of the word.”  The report put the value of Beck's prior contract in 2007 at $10 million a year:

Premiere and Mercury Radio Arts declined to comment on the value of the new one, but a person with direct knowledge of the deal said it would pay Mr. Beck $100 million over the course of the contract.

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