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Ron Paul's Wife Has a Cookbook and One Favorite Ingredient Is...Doritos!


Nothing goes wasted in the Texas home of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Especially in the kitchen. The Wall Street Journal recently sat down with Rep. Paul's wife of 55 years, Carol, to sample some of the mouthwatering and out-of-box recipes in The 2012 Ron Paul Family Cookbook. While self-admittedly liberal on the calorie count, the recipes in the book may remind you of some of Rep. Paul's stern libertarian beliefs, as they avoid constant chef intervention and use of resources that are not already on hand.

You can find dishes and snacks in the cookbook like King Ranch Chicken, Zippy Olive Beef Spread, and Easy Oreo Truffles. Favorite ingredients in the Paul kitchen include cream cheese, ranch dressing, and Doritos. The Pauls' oldest son Ron told WSJ that dinner growing up wasn't always gourmet, "but it was good, solid food," and most importantly enjoyed all together at the table.

The 28-page 2012 cookbook is only the latest collection of recipes from the Pauls.Wearing an "End the Fed" apron, Mrs. Paul explained to WSJ that the cookbook series began in 1995 to combat criticisms toward Rep. Paul based on his opinions toward the War on Drugs.

"People started saying that Ron wanted to give drugs to kids, and Ron said, 'Let's show them our kids have all done well, they're not into drugs.' "

Paul's campaign website says the collectible cookbook will “warm your kitchen and your heart,” as it features not only recipes, but a brief history and photos of the entire Paul family.

The Pauls have five children, including Republican U.S. Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul. Rep. Paul announced in May that he would no longer actively campaign for the Republican president primary in the 11 remaining states due to lack of funds, but will be joined by his 137 delegates at the Republican presidential nominating convention this summer. Rep. Paul emailed supporters this week acknowledging that he won’t have enough delegates to win the nomination, but is yet to formally pull out of the race.

Carousel photo: Wall Street Journal.  See their slide show here.

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