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Oregon 'Teacher of the Year' Praises Obama, Declares 'Si Se Puede' During Graduation Speech


"Yes we can."

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Portland teacher Obama

Oregon's "teacher of the year" spoke admiringly of President Barack Obama and invoked his "Yes we can" and "Si se puede" mottos during her speech at a Portland high school's recent graduation ceremony.

Elena Garcia-Velasco, who won the state accolade in November, is a Spanish teacher at Roosevelt High School and has been described as a "demanding instructor," according to the Oregonian.

"Just a few weeks ago when I met President Obama, I used the few seconds I had to address him to say, Mr. President, you inspire my students. Yes, we can. Si se puede," Garcia-Velasco said in a video of her remarks posted online.

She continued, "I can tell you with all confidence that he loved to hear that. I know it because of his wide-open smile and because I saw reflected in his eyes that same inspiration and hope he's been known to bring into our world. That same day, right after his time with the teachers of the year from each state, President Obama went on to work for better student loans to grant easier college access. I like to think that perhaps you, students of the year, had a hand in it."

"To create your own path, yes, you can," Garcia-Velasco said. "Claro que si puedes (Yes of course you can)."

Watch below, via Gateway Pundit:

Last month, Obama admitted he had "stolen" the slogan "Si se puede" from Dolores Huerta, an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America who has praised Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and once declared Republicans "hate Latinos."

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