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Houston New Black Panther Leader Would Like to Take a 'Belt' to Teen at Center of Police Beating -- But Why?


"tear him a new one"

Chad Holley, a teenager who was captured on video being beaten by Houston police in 2010 after committing a burglary (Holley was tried in court and found guilty of that burglary), is back in jail again -- on yet another burglary charge.

ABC explains what happened to both Holley and the police officers involved, following the first incident:

In March 2010, a then 15-year-old Holley was beaten by HPD officers during a burglary arrest. His beating was captured on a nearby surveillance video, which was turned over to authorities. As a result, six officers were fired and four of them were charged with misdemeanor official oppression. One of the officers, Andrew Blomberg, was acquitted last month, sparking outrage among many who did not agree with the verdict. The other officers are still awaiting trial.

In October 2010, Holley himself was convicted in connection to that burglary. He was sentenced to probation, which he completed in April when he turned 18. During his testimony in Blomberg's trial, Holley said he had stayed out of trouble during his probation. He graduated from high school last month.

Below is the video of the police beating:

During his first run-in with the law, the then 15-year-old had a staunch defender in Houston New Black Panther leader Quannel X. This time around, however, X was not so generous with his support. During an interview with talk radio host Joe Pags, the New Black Panther said he is angry, heartbroken and feels disrespected by Holley. What's more, he said he'd like to "take his belt off and tear him a new one."

After the alleged police beating and subsequent lawsuit against police two years ago, Holly had a "new lease on life" but chose to commit the same crime twice. "Only a crazy, insane man," according to X "would make that decision." With this in mind, X said he believes Holley needs counseling and therapy, which he hopes to help provide.

"I don't want to turn my back on him totally," ceded X, who said he felt like a father who had "invested so much in a boy."

Listen to the interview below:

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