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Freak Accident: Colorado Woman Dies While Filming TV Show After Getting Hit by 150mph Smoke Bombs


"They went right through her body."

A woman was killed Thursday in a freak accident while filming a cable television show at her husband's Colorado shooting range.

Terri Flanell, 51, was hit by a pair of foot-long smoke bombs traveling at 150mph. The first bomb knocked her down and the second went through her neck and out her naval, killing her instantly, ABC News reported.

"They went right through her body. She didn't suffer or nothing," her husband Mel Bernstein told the Colorado Springs Gazette after the tragedy. "She just dropped."

The foot-long bombs were being used for special effects during the pilot taping of a new show about military vehicles when they accidentally went off and went rocketing towards the television crew, Bernstein told ABC News. Sadly enough, the smokey sequence in which Flanell was killed was the last scene of the show.

“I’ve been running this rifle range for 30 years and no one’s got hurt, because it is very safe here,” Bernstein said. “Out of eight days of filming, it happened in the last 30 seconds, the last frame. And it happened to my wife.”

“All I wanted to do was lock up and go out to eat,” Bernstein said, referring to the moments before the accident.

The weaponized smoke bombs missed Bernstein by about four inches, he explained.

“They were so close to my face, and if they would’ve hit me, I wouldn’t be here talking to you today,” Bernstein added.

The Colorado Springs Gazette also reports that this is the second incident that occurred during the filming of the pilot. A woman was treated for burns at Memorial Hospital on Wednesday and was later released. The show was supposed to air in September.

Bernstein and Flanell had been married for 16 years and they owned the Dragon Man shooting range for 33 years.

Police are investigation and do not suspect foul play, however, Sheriff's office spokesman Sgt. Joe Roybal said officers are not ruling anything out.

“She was the nicest lady you could ever meet and was very smart,” Bernstein said about his wife. “I lost my best friend.”

This story has been updated.

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