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These Abandoned Train Stations From Around the World Maintain Former Elegance Even in Ruin


Trains and their stations hearken back to a time when travel was a luxury, not a cattle call. When three-piece suits were standard issue, not p.j. pants and an over-sized Disney t-shirt. Although as this form of transportation has fallen to the wayside in many areas of the world in favor of air travel, the stations maintain timeless elegance, even as they fall apart.

Flavorpill, which states it's a sucker for photos of "abandoned and decaying spaces," put together a gallery of trains stations from around the world in all states of ruin. We at the Blaze find a certain fascination in abandoned buildings as well. Check out our posts about the abandoned leper colony in NYC and Chinese ghost malls.

Here are some images of what Flavorpill pulled together.

Abandoned Station in Abkhazi (Photo: Illya Varmalov)

Station in Abkhazia (Photo via English Russia)

See more photos of abandoned stations here.

The featured image for this story was by Diane Weiss for The Detroit Free Press. 

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