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Real News From The Blaze:' Romney vs. Obama and the Media


Andrea Mitchell and her staff at MSNBC have found themselves as the latest culprit of the ‘selective editing’ process after using a clip of Mitt Romney on the campaign trail to seemingly reinforce pre-conceived stereotypes that he’s an out of touch candidate marveling at the technology in the convenience store chain Wawa. When viewed at full length, the clip clearly shows that Romney was making a comparison between government ineffectiveness and free-market innovation, not amazed by the mid-Atlantic 711-like store. The ordeal plays into a belief expressed by many conservatives that the mainstream media, NBC in particular, goes out of their way to paint Romney as an out-of-touch elitist prone to frequent public speaking gaffes.

Is the Mitchell incident Monday and similar reports on Romney only a manner of journalistic laziness, personal denial from the media to their obvious political leanings, or is there even an agenda within the "msm" to see Barack Obama reelected? The "Real News" panel discussed this Tuesday, as well as whether the "conservative media" is guilty of the same bias in their coverage of President Obama. Watch a clip from the segment Tuesday:

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