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What ever happened to Julia?


Remember Julia? That little 2-D girl the Obama campaign unleashed on America back in May? She was supposed to inspire women to vote for the President's reelection by demonstrating how government policies have helped her through life. (She also had no hands, so who could blame her for needing a little help?)

You don't hear much about Julia anymore. A contributor to the Washington Post's She the People blog wonders what happened to her:

According to a description recently released by authorities, Julia has blue hair, no visible eyes and stands about three inches tall on a standard computer monitor.  She is somewhere between three- and 67-years-old, and may be seen in line at a government agency applying for benefits ranging from Early Start education funding to prescription drugs paid for by Medicare Part D. ...

Single women across the country are worried that Julia may have been dumped by the side of the road by members of the Obama campaign once it became clear that female voters are not all that interested in hearing the government promise to solve all their problems, instead of hearing women get credit for creating their own opportunities, which they do every day.

Looks like Julia may have made it onto the President's "kill list."

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