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This Interstate Road Rage Beating Captured on Camera Has L.A. Police Asking for Help

Image source: Live Leak

Los Angeles freeway beating video

The California Highway Patrol is asking the public for help in investigating a viral video that appears to show a man being beaten unconscious on an East Los Angeles freeway.

The video, posted online Monday on Live Leak, was apparently shot June 12 on a transition road to the northbound Interstate 5 in what's known as the East L.A. Interchange, KCBS-TV reported.

The approximately two-minute video appears to have been shot from a passing car, and shows one motorist in a red shirt apparently confronting a group of three other men. They seem to be arguing before ultimately engaging in a violent fistfight. The man in the red shirt kicks at one of the men and they trade punches before one of the other men jumps in and helps pull the red-shirted man to the ground. From there, they continue to beat him, dragging him behind their car at one point before reemerging and appearing to violently kick him in view of the camera. After a few moments they drive off, leaving the man lying in the road.

Sgt. Denise Joslin said investigators learned of the video Tuesday, and do not know for certain whether it is real or a hoax. According to the Associated Press, no arrests have been made and the status of the apparent victim is unknown. Joslin said police responded to 911 reports of people fighting on the freeway but that everyone had left the scene by the time officers arrived.

Authorities said the attackers left in a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta with the license plate 3UGW962. Anyone with any possible information is urged to contact the CHP's central Los Angeles office.

Video below. Content warning -- graphic images.

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