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Beck Calls for Support for Catholics as Soros-Funded Organization Encourages Media to Attack


The Soros-funded organization Faith in Public Life has an interesting strategy for encouraging public engagement with Catholics. As The Blaze reported this week, John Gehring; Catholic outreach coordinator for Faith in Public Life, recently emailed leftist talking points and interview tips to the media for interviewing bishops during the “Fortnight for Freedom” events over the next month. These events are organized by the church, and campaign for religious liberty and speaking out clearly against recent unprecedented attacks from the federal government. Gehring's email is intended to inform the media on what is "fact" and "fiction" in regards to recent political standoffs between Democrats and Catholics.

Some things that the Soros group deems as fiction? That there is a "war on the Catholic Church" and that "the Obama administration is pushing an ideological agenda that is out of step with most Catholics and Americans."

What are some of questions FPL suggest journalists ask Bishops:

Catholic League President Bill Donohue quickly slamed the memo as something from a "Soros-funded group set to nail bishops"

On June 7, Gehring sent a memo to his buddies in the media (a copy of which was generously leaked to me—click here) instructing them on how to handle the bishops. They should begin by questioning the prelates why the Obama “accommodation” wasn’t good enough. “You have to ask why the bishops can’t take yes for an answer,” he wrote.

Teaching them how to handle the “war on the Catholic Church,” Gehring advises, “Several bishops have used inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric that conflates a process of working through complex policy issues with a fundamental attack on the Catholic Church.” He also frets over the politicization of the religious liberty campaign, an effort made possible, he neglects to say, because of the politicization of religion by President Obama.

Not to be outdone, Gehring presses his lackeys to victimize the victim, beckoning them to ask the bishops—all of whom refuse to prostitute their principles—“Are you willing to sacrifice Catholic charities, colleges and hospitals if you don’t get your way on the contraceptive mandate?”

Finally, Gehring provides a go-to list of Catholic activists who can be counted on to subvert the bishops’ message. It’s what we would expect from a George Soros group.

On GBTV Thursday, Glenn Beck took aim at the memo and encouraged viewers to support the "Fortnight for Freedom:"

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