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Utah Officer Fired for Showing Off Green Speedo at School Party Is Getting His Job Back


"We all thought it was funny."

Officer Jonathan Cody Harris was asked to dress as a frog for a school party. He wore a green Speedo and a sweatshirt, which many considered inappropriate. (Photo: Provo.org via Desert News)

PROVO, Utah (The Blaze/AP) — A Utah police officer fired for dropping his pants and flaunting a green Speedo during a "Princess and the Frog" skit at a school is getting his job back.

Cody Harris filed an appeal after he was dismissed from his position as a Provo school resource officer in May. The Provo Civil Service Commission decided Wednesday that Harris should be reinstated.

Provo police said in an email that the department still backs its initial decision to fire Harris, but it will honor the commission's decision.

Harris was dismissed after Provo police said he removed his pants to show off the Speedo-style suit and made inappropriate gestures and comments while a group of female students were nearby. One of these comments, according to the police report, included Harris kneeling by a cake and asking bystanders if they "wanted a little cheek with their cake."

The report states he removed his uniform pants to show off the Speedo four times at the party, which he was asked to attend dressed as a frog. The party goers were split on how they felt about Harris' actions:

"We all thought it was funny," one student said. "I don't think Cody should be gone. ... We had fun."

"He was walking around the room with his pants down for about 10-20 minutes," another student reported. "I did not feel uncomfortable. Everyone was laughing. It was only a joke, and it shouldn't have been taken this far."

Two of the students, however, said they felt uncomfortable.

"Everyone in the room was laughing for a minute until we actually realized the fact that he only had on a Speedo," one student told police. "After that, I kind of just put my head down since I didn't think it was appropriate."

Desert News reported Police Chief Rick Gregory saying at the time Harris' actions violated the officers' code of conduct:

"It's fair to say that while the officer's intent may have been good, if the actions that are alleged are true then they certainly violate our policies," Gregory said.

Harris appealed the decision earlier in June.

Harris will receive training to work in the patrol division.

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