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Dem. Congressman Refuses to Say if He'll Endorse Obama During TV Interview


"Our focus is on the congressional race in eastern North Carolina."

President Obama's problems in the South may be bigger than even he realizes.

It wasn't long ago that Obama lost nearly 40% of the vote in both Kentucky and Arkansas, with "uncommitted" being a contender in the former. And let's not forget that, a federal inmate in Texas — Keith Judd — earned 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia’s Democratic primary.

Now, a Democratic congressman is making news for his continued refusal to endorse Obama.

Congressman Mike McIntyre, who represents North Carolina's Seventh Congressional District, refused to offer an endorsement when asked by local station WCET-TV:

We asked Rep. McIntyre Saturday afternoon if he was going to endorse a presidential candidate. He said his focus is on the congressional race and not other races. McIntryre said he is focusing his efforts on eastern North Carolina and making it better for the people who live and work in the state.

"We've always been steadfast in our work for eastern North Carolina and I'm grateful because we've had Republican and Democratic friends who have supported us because they know my heart is there and it's not about a party agenda or any other person's agenda," McIntyre said. "Our focus is on the congressional race in eastern North Carolina."

The GOP was quick to offer the footage:

The station notes that it has asked McIntyre the question before and he has refused to offer an endorsement in the past.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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