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Jonah Goldberg Tells Beck About the 'Liberal Fascism' & The Left's 'Tyranny of Cliches'


"Let them eat cake!"

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck was joined by Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online founder and author of "The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas." The focus of Goldberg's book is how liberals perceive their surroundings, and in doing so, tend to believe that they are the only ones operating with logic, facts and reason. Goldberg, catalyzed by consistently seeing college students use the same, tired cliches while attacking conservatives and Libertarians, sorely begs to differ.

The author pointed out that a common catch-phrase used by liberals when describing the philosophy of their conservative counterparts is: "let them eat cake." Ironically, however, the saying is often misattributed to Marie Antoinette and did not include the word "cake" at all, but rather "brioche" -- a kind of French bread that typically costs more money than regular bread due to the amount of butter used in the dough. This last part is significant, because in the France of old, bakers were forced to sell brioche to the poor for the same price as their basic bread, whenever they ran out of that basic bread. It was a classic "limousine liberal approach," Goldberg noted. It would be akin to mandating that a bar owner sell 18-year-old scotch at the same price as "Pabst Blue Ribbon."

Goldberg also challenged the liberal mindset that proclaims "labels" are a social ill, saying that the left simply doesn't want conservative, principled values to interfere with their agenda.

"It's what they say to shut people up."

Yet while liberals hate labels, they seem not to mind name-calling. He used the example of Al Gore calling his critics "Nazis and brown shirts" to illustrate his point.

"The Left has no obligation... or accountability to own its own intellectual history," he added, because they "don't want to be hindered by that."

"That is what we saw with the Tea Party."

Goldberg left no stone unturned, assailing the Civil Rights movement, the real question of "diversity" and "social justice," Herbert Crowley, the U.N. social justice report, and even Barbara Streisand.

It was an informative and compelling interview you won't want to miss:

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