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Beck: It's Amazing What We Can Accomplish When We End the Blame Game


Where's the accountability.

On Wednesday evening, Glenn Beck delivered a speech from GBTV's Oval Office in which he expressed the "mea culpa" that likely should have been delivered by President Obama, as well as other business and political leaders who take all of the glory when things go right, but none of the blame when things go wrong on their watch.

"It's my fault...I did it," Beck reflected as he asked the audience to "blame me" and nobody else.

The reason so few are willing to accept blame for their wrongdoings, according to Beck, is because accountability and personal responsibility has fallen to the wayside.

He used the current Egyptian presidential election to illustrate the tremendous "failure" of American Foreign policy. When U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited the streets of Cairo during the uprising, she said we had "nothing to fear" from the "democracy movement" and that the Muslim Brotherhood had no political aspirations. Of course, Clinton turned out to be wrong, yet neither she nor anyone else in the administration has accepted the blame. Beck pointed out that because America failed to act, we are less respected and indeed, less secure as a result.

He ceded that it may not be fair to blame someone for "100%" of what happened, but that it would still go a long way in fostering trust and good will if a person in a position of authority did not attempt to simply pass the buck whenever something goes awry.

Beck asked where the contrition was from those who attempted to pass a completely unconstitutional health care bill after they "dragged the country" through a year-long partisan debate. He also noted that both Republicans and Democrats have gotten things wrong before, be they economic policies or foreign policies, and that all Washington know or cares about is control and "policial power."

Responsibility, according to Beck, relies on "each of us."

When the housing market collapsed, while people sought to place blame on the bankers who peddled sub-prime loans, it was also up to the home owner to make sound financial investment decisions and not over-extend themselves. Washington is likely not the place to turn if we seek our problems to be fixed, thus, each person has to take charge of "our community" and "our nation," said Beck.

Beck then took a moment to review past presidents and the major events that transpired on their watches respectively -- from the Bay of Pigs invasion, to the Iran hostage crisis, to the eve of D-Day, when Dwight D. Eisenhower penned a note stating: "the troops, the air and the navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do. if any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone."

Beck concluded by saying that it is "amazing" what people can accomplish when everyone is willing to take the blame.


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