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I'll Take Romney 'Every Minute of Every Day' Over Obama: Watch Beck's Epic Rant on SCOTUS Decision


"This decision has just sealed the election in November."

As an impassioned Thursday morning radio broadcast drew to a close, Glenn Beck took time out to discuss what the fallout will be from the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare. He touched on what it will mean for the future and how it will affect laws and regulations moving forward.

Beck also said that while Mitt Romney wasn't his first choice, and is no "Rand Paul," he doesn't hate the Capitalist system, nor does he possess any of the undesirable traits of President Obama. Beck said he would take Romney "every minute of every day" of his life over Obama.

Trying to find the positive in a negative situation, Beck believes that "this decision has just sealed the election in November."

It was a powerful segment and well worth watching.

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