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'F--KING NAZI PIGS!': Take a Peek Inside Occupy's ‘National Gathering' in Philadelphia


"Against the system we rail, until our comrades are out of jail!"

The "Occupy" crowd is assembling in Philadelphia through July 4th for a "national gathering" and, despite the usual claims of non-violence and tolerance, a wave of video and social media has revealed quite the opposite.

On the movement's website, the event is described:

From June 30th to July 4th, the Occupy movement will convene the Occupy National Gathering in the vicinity of Philadelphia’s Independence Mall for a week of direct actions, movement building and the creation of a vision for a democratic future. The National Gathering will kick off with a massive march with Healthcare-Now! in solidarity with their fight for the right to health.  On July 5th we will conclude by joining Guitarmy for a 99 mile march from Philadelphia to Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. [Emphasis added]

There is even a promotional video.  See it, below:


However, like countless other Occupy events that claim to be tolerant and nonviolent, the national meeting seems to be more of a lesson in hating police officers and the government than "movement building" and "creating a vision" for the future.

Twitchy captured dozens of tweets coming out of the event, many of which include the terms "Nazi pigs" and "police state" (content warning for language):



Others reported shouts of "They're FU*KING NAZI pigs!" at police officers.

The eclectic crowd also seems to love the word "Orwellian," which they often attribute to the police officers but not the ever-expanding federal government.

Perhaps this is because, as seen in the promotional video, the Occupiers still have a list of "wants" from the taxpayer:



Watch video of the protests, as the Occupiers trash the land they "occupy" while berating the officers, before everything descends into chaos:


Or, if you prefer, The Blaze's very own Mike Opelka went to gathering in the early hours of the morning, long after the most rambunctious had either been arrested or fallen asleep.  Check out what he found:


A number of tweets also detail who is being arrested, with the ever-rhyming slogans the Occupiers seem to be so fond of.

"Against the system we rail, until our comrades are out of jail!" 3Rhinos tweeted.  "Release the political prisoner!" the Occupier continued.

Not surprisingly, conservatives became amused by the #NatGat hashtag, and started inserting their own narrative.



In response to the tweet, "You can not legislate people's behavior. #freedom #NatGat #OWS," one individual responded, "But u can force them to buy healthcare #fail."

But, in all likelihood, this is only the beginning.  With four days left of this event, there will likely be more arrests, destruction of property, and contradictory tweets.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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