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Blaze Magazine: 9 Stories to Change the World

Guests to A Cinderella Ball are escorted by Marines under a sword arch (Source: Katie Pavlich)

In the newest issue of The Blaze Magazine, we present nine inspiring stories and ideas that can change the world if we're willing to take them to heart and emulate them.

Here are our nine story headlines and a little taste of each -- you can get the full reports and details only in the pages of The Blaze Magazine.

9. Virtual Love & Hate

The Internet has become a powerful force for freedom, capitalism and liberty. It’s also become a cesspool of hate in too many areas. There’s only one answer for the viciousness that’s out there.

The Internet has become the most perfect medium for spreading hate. It’s fast, free and maintains a certain level of personal disconnect where one doesn’t have to think about the reader on the other side. In fact, those posting or sending hate don’t appear to actually see their target as a real person.

8. Still the Most Giving, Most Exceptional

Despite a sputtering economy and tough circumstances, Americans are still finding ways to take care of others with their money, labor and time.

Maybe charitable giving really is something unique to the American people. Maybe that’s why—more than any corporation or foundation—the biggest donors to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. are individuals. The idea that “I make a difference,” and not some faceless conglomerate, is ingrained in the psyche of millions of Americans. Many of us donate ourselves because we don’t believe in waiting around for someone else to do it.

7. Healing the Unborn

Many courageous families are looking to breakthrough fetal surgeries for their children with spina bifida.

Autumn Lubbers is going into eighth grade. Just looking at her slim frame, blonde hair and smile glinting with braces, you would assume she is like any other middle schooler. And she is. But perhaps if Autumn were wearing a skirt instead of jeans or if she took a few steps, you would see the secret that Autumn shares with only some people. Autumn has spina bifida.

6. A Cup of Cold Water

Conservative and religious non-profit groups have found better ways to combat poverty than the enslaving system of the government.

Across America, there are a plethora of organizations working diligently to live out these ideals and to help the nation’s poor secure needed services, get back on their feet and continue on a path that ensures restoration. Many of these organizations go widely unnoticed as they work diligently to help facilitate projects and outreach mechanisms that go far beyond any cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all government approach. These organizations realize that the private sector—led by caring individuals—has a responsibility to serve the poor.

5. Launched to Change Lives

Glenn Beck’s new charitable operation, Mercury One, is already making an impact and inspiring the next generation of volunteers.

Putting words into action with a series of fundraising initiatives geared toward restoring, uplifting and helping fellow citizens around the country—be it through disaster relief for a town ravaged by tornadoes or ensuring an important artifact is given a place of prominence at a Holocaust Museum—Mercury One is changing lives.

4. 9/12ers: All About Being a Community

Across the nation, 9/12 Project members are choosing to step up and help rather than waiting for the government to do it.

There’s no doubt that Americans who are involved with the 9/12 Project understand what Restoring Love is all about. They’re making a difference everywhere they go. Here are two (of many) examples of 9/12ers in action.

3. A Radical's Defiant Right Turn

Meet Brandon Darby, a former leftist who not only learned that liberalism and government don’t truly help those in need and conservatism and individuals can—but also is doing something about it.

“Like many people on the Left,” Brandon Darby explains, “I bought into a false narrative: If you want to help people, you vote Left; if you want to help rich white people get richer, you vote Right.”

Enter Citizen Patriot Response (CPR).

Started about a year ago, CPR is about mobilizing conservatives at the grassroots level to provide relief to those in need—something Darby knew his newfound right-wing tribe could and would do.

2. Small-Town Values, Big-Time Impact

One inspiring community in rural Washington state showed how the church and the government can work together—and they’re setting a standard for the rest of America on how people can care for each other.

On the surface, the mere thought of a public school using a church to hold classes would be enough to send any church-state separatist into a tailspin. But the unique arrangement between the government and the local faith community ended up working and serving as a major inspiration—an exemplary model that communities from across America can truly learn from. [...]

The seeds of this caring and giving community were laid long ago and are evident throughout Pomeroy. It’s what they do. Take, for instance, the Cup of Hope espresso trailer, an initiative aimed at helping fund institutions and individuals in need.

1. Where Every Kid Is a Perfect Fit

The House, Inc., is changing the lives of students through service, outreach, mentoring and training—and creating just the leaders we need for tomorrow.

[A Cinderella Ball is] “a unique and unduplicated opportunity” for hundreds of Washington, D.C.-area youth with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses to dress up, pass underneath a ceremonial sword arch (courtesy of 40 Marines from Quantico) upon a real red carpet and through the entrance of The Willard InterContinental Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, one block from the White House. And it’s all free-of-charge for the students and their families.

There Cinderella greets attendees and their family members, and everyone enjoys a private dinner, concert and dance.

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