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Here are 10 of the Most Expensive, Outrageous, Nerdy Grills and Gadgets That You'll Still Want for 4th of July


A Death Star-shaped grill, a tool that syncs with your iPhone, and other grilling must-haves.

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Every Fourth of July, dads around the country really get the chance to test out the new grill tool they received for Father's Day a couple weeks before.

The Blaze has pulled together just a taste of the coolest grill tools that dad could be using this year -- and if he doesn't already have it, there's always Christmas in July.

We're not talking the perfect burger molds or vegetable baskets either -- you know all about those already. We're bringing you 10 of the most expensive, outrageous, probably unnecessary grill gadgets that you still wish you had, in addition to some normal ones that you really should add to your collection.

Let's get started.

(10) Most expensive grill:  If you peruse the grills at Lowe's, even the most high end don't really exceed $2,700. But a Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill costs as much as a new car. The K1500HT Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill costs $23,795, but it comes with everything including a rotisserie system and the ability to cook with gas, charcoal or wood. (via This Old House).

(9) Most luxury: Dislike paying $16 for a simple margherita pizza? A wood-fire pizza oven costing between $4,999.95 to $5,999.95 -- on sale -- can bring your favorite specialty pizzas into your backyard. To get your money's worth, you would only have to make about 312.5 pizzas. So, if you only ate pizzas on Fridays, the oven will pay for itself in six years.

(8) Most outrageous: As far as we could tell these grills (or fire pits) are custom-made projects, but die-hard Star Wars fans will be flocking to their nearest welder to get one looking like the Death Star (via Craziest Gadgets, TechEBlog). Get the marshmallows ready.

(7) Most nerdy: A meat thermometer will save you from cutting open your beef and spilling all its juices. But the iGrill BBQ Thermometer does traditional thermometers one better, letting you also enjoy spending time with your guests away from the grill. Syncing with your iPhone, the thermometer will alert you when your meat reaches a certain temperature (via Mashable).

(6) Most useless: When you've surpassed making the perfect grill marks, it may be time to start taking personal pride in your meat and branding it with a monogrammed grill iron. Heat it up in the coals and put a nice searing mark on the beef as your own trademark touch. Texas Irons has a range of branding irons from personalized initials to special icons.

Here are a few more obscure but still useful tools:

  • (5) The grill comb: Promoted by the Uncrate -- the digital magazine full of stuff for guys -- the grill comb is for those who love kabobs but don't want to skewer. As Uncrate puts it, there is no need for you to "twist, pull or otherwise mutilate your food" off the skewer with this tool.

  • (4) A smoker box: If you only have a grill and don't want to invest in a smoker, a smoker box kit may be the ticket. Sams Smoker Pro Smoker Box is touted as one BBQ Guys' Top BBQ Gifts for Men.

  • (3) Meatball basket and meatloaf pan: Think outside the burger when you're working with ground beef on the grill this year. There are tools that can help you make meatballs or a meatloaf with a grill flavor infused right in so you can skip the liquid smoke flavoring.

  • (2) Grillslinger: Sure the stainless steel case with special compartments for all your grill tools is nice, but it's not as convenient has having a tool belt for your gadgets. The Grillslinger, unlike other grilling belts, has a holster-like sling and comes with spatula, tongs and a knife with special compartments that are polypropylene lined to keep things in place and your belt clean.

  • (1) 60 Second Charcoal Starter: Grilling purists will often tell you that charcoal is the way to go, but gas grill lovers believe the ease of pressing a button overrides waiting for the coals to be ready. The 60 Second Charcoal Starter gives grillers the best of both words, prepping the coals for grilling within five minutes. (via Cool Material)

Bonus: Check out this Smith & Wesson Magnum 500 revolver grill made by by a group of high school students taking a welding class a couple years ago.

If you have any cool grills or recommended gadgets that you'd like to share, feel free to tell us about them in the comments.

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