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Holy Crap!': Wild Vid Shows Naked 'Zombie' Attacking Police With Flips, Kicks & Ninja-Like Moves


"This guy's like a ninja, man!"

Since Rudy Eugene's horrific, face-chomping attack on Ronald Poppo, stories about peoples' erratic and dangerous behavior seem to be streaming out from every part of America. Yesterday, we told you about John Brigham's bizarre, naked carjacking spree in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, we bring you yet another "zombie" attack. Once again, it involves a naked man who attacked police officers, while doing what WPTV calls "ninja-like flips."

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The incident unfolded in Indianapolis, Indiana, on May 20 (in actuality, this was six days before Eugene's violent attack in Miami, though video is just now surfacing). David Martin, 27, was filmed running down the middle of the street, punching people and acting irrationally.

When police responded to the bizarre scene, Martin decided to fight them off. Even a stun gun wasn't enough to stop him. When they tackled him, despite screaming and yelping as a result of the taser, he decided to continue his fight, kicking and continuing to resist arrest. At one point, Martin escapes and begins running away from the police!

The entire incident, captured on film, shows the offender doing somersaults and using ninja-like moves. In the end, he injured a female officer and punched another cop, WPTV reports.

"This guy's like a ninja, man. Holy crap!," proclaimed the man who caught the entire scene on video.

Watch the wild video, below (content warning: violence/language):

The man told police that he had taken synthetic marijuana, known as Spice.

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