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Megyn Kelly Panel Explodes Over Who Is the Biggest Campaign Ad Liar - Obama or Romney?


"If it works, keep doing it. That’s the way politics is."

On Tuesday, the panel on Fox News Channel's "America Live" with Megyn Kelly debated fiercely over the valid question: Who is the biggest campaign ad liar, President Obama or GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney?

Conservative radio host Chris Plante and former aide to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) Chris Hahn argued until they were practically just screaming over one another as each accused the other's preferred candidate of airing deceptive television ads and then accused each other of lying about their candidate's lying.

The debate started about a pro-Obama ad that calls Romney a corporate raider and an "outsourcer-in-chief," referring to his time at Bain Capital. The Romney campaign has called the attack "misleading" and now a "vicious lie." Kelly cited a FactCheck.org report that said there was no evidence that Romney was directly responsible for outsourcing jobs.

Kelly then asked Hahn if continuing to use the argument is the best way to go for the Obama campaign. He answered like, well, a politician.

"If it works, keep doing it. That’s the way politics is," Hahn said. "Every time Americans pick up the phone and they get a call center operator from India, they can thank Mitt Romney for that, in part, because he was very much at the forefront of creating those kind of atmospheres around the world."

"Wow," Plante could be heard saying as he listened to his co-panelists answer.

Kelly asked Plante whether Hahn had a point and if voters would associate Romney with outsourcing, Bain and corporate greed as a result of the ads.

“It would be nice if the Democrats and the Obama campaign had any regard for the truth, but we can’t rely on that so we’ll have to go to plan B,” said Plante. "Look, Chris Hahn, you just said you don't care in effect if it's true or not."

Plante went on to say that networks should refuse to run ads that are proven to be factually incorrect. He mentioned the Washington Post's previous report that gave the Obama campaign's outsourcing ad "four Pinocchios," the maximum amount.

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“Meaning that they're lying, can we just say that outright? But the Democrats don’t care,” he added. “They see it as effective. They don’t really have any relationship with the truth here.”

“I always find it funny, now that Mitt Romney is getting the same treatment back to him, how he whines and complains and demagogues about...” Hahn started.

“So you’re conceding these are lies, right,” Plante interrupted.

“I don’t think they are lies,” Hahn shot back. “Mitt Romney wants you to define what the definition of is is."

“No, that was your guy,” Plante replied.

Hahn said he rejects the recent Washington Post reports that question the accuracy of the Obama campaign's ads against Romney's record at Bain specifically about outsourcing jobs. It goes without saying, WaPo is not exactly what one would consider a conservative news source.

"If we only had an honest news media or networks that wouldn’t knowingly run lies from political candidates, I think we would have a better, cleaner, more civil political discussion in this country," Plante added.

"When Romney agrees to stop lying maybe we will stop having to split hairs on his record," said Hahn. “Every word out of his mouth has been a lie. Every word. Mitt Romney has not told the truth once this entire election season."

Plante's facial expression was one of disbelief.

"I'm flabbergasted by that. That's an obvious falsehood," Plante replied. "And I wish you wouldn't perpetuate it."

Watch the fiery segment below courtesy of Fox News Channel:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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