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Oh My Gosh. I Pushed Green': NC Lawmaker Accidentally Legalizes Fracking by Pressing Wrong Button


"Because it was the deciding vote, Republicans won't allow her to change it"

State Representative Becky Carney of North Carolina accidentally cast the wrong vote for one of the state's most controversial topics Monday night and, because it was the deciding vote, Republicans won't allow her to change it.

According to the Atlantic Wire, lawmakers had already passed a bill establishing rules for hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling for oil and gas exploration in the state, but the bill was vetoed by the Governor Bev Perdue.

The House needed exactly 72 votes to override the veto late Monday night and, lo and behold, Carney's accidental "yes" vote gave opponents the exact number they needed.  Whoops.

"Oh my gosh. I pushed green," she reportedly said.  "It won't let me change my vote."

She then burst in to tears, according to the Wall Street Journal, and asked for a redo with the rest of her party.

Republicans said no.  A change in Carney’s vote would have changed the outcome, which is against the House rules.  Majority Leader Paul Stam said fracking is important for the economy and Republicans needed every vote they could get to allow it, including Carney's, if it so happened.  The Senate had already overridden the veto and it became law the moment voting closed, he explained.  “There was nothing she could do about it...There was nothing that can be done."

Carney said in an interview: “It feels rotten...It’s a very heavy responsibility because I just feel like the state is not ready.”

Check out a brief interview with the embarrassed politician, via WCNC, below:


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