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Sometimes the Government Must Lead': MSNBC Host Suggests More Mandates for Obama's Second Term


"How about a mandate of a year or two of public service after college?”

MSNBC's Touré (FILE)\n

In a clip that Mediaite described as "[descending] into self-parody," MSNBC's Touré said on The Cycle Monday that the government has a responsibility to "lead" the country into the future-- whether the people are ready for it or not.

After likening "We the People" to "petulant children" who sometimes need to be dragged "[kicking] and [screaming]," the MSNBC host declared:

"Perhaps if there’s a second term for Obama after health care is enacted and people see it working well and get used to it, he’ll float to a new level of power.

“Maybe he’ll go even further trying to bolster his legacy by enacting new paternalistic mandates meant to make the nation betterSaying all Americans must vote, because government works better when all participate in selecting leaders.

Eat your vegetables! 

Maybe mandate that all citizens must go to some sort of post-high school college — maybe liberal arts, maybe technical — because America works better when we are better educated and trained. 

Eat your vegetables! 

How about a mandate of a year or two of public service after college?” [Emphasis added]

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Which leaves many asking: which of this is meant as an insult to Republicans, and which of this is serious?  Roughly one week ago, panelists on the same show were actually advocating mandatory voting, and the president has called for a civilian security force (or "civil service") "just as strong, just as powerful, and just as well-funded" as the U.S. military.

In fact, the only part of the description that seems beyond the realm of plausibility is: "Eat your vegetables!" and post-Bloomberg's soda ban, many probably wouldn't even be surprised by that.

But Touré still wasn't done.  This part, however, seemed to be a little more comedic.  He continued:

“...Mandate extensive premarital counseling and maybe even a review board that can determine whether or not a couple can get married, and pre-divorce counseling to try and save marriages, because teaching relationship skills is critical to building strong nuclear families.” [Emphasis added]

S.E. Cupp of The Blaze, now a regular on the MSNBC show, was practically speechless by the end of the dramatic monologue.

“I mandate that Touré never be elected to office," she said.

Watch the entire clip and let us know what you think is a joke, and what isn't, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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