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Thinking Outside the Box': Tube of Lip Balm Provides Key DNA Evidence to Solve Crime


Who would have thought that something as small as a tube of lip balm would help solve a burglary?

The DNA left on the lip moisturizer, which was among the many items found at the suspected robbers' home in Milton Mills, New Hampshire, is exactly what recently closed a robbery case. According to WCVB, a woman in Farmington reported that she had been robbed in late January. From there, investigators were able to glean together enough evidence to peg Ryan Feeney, 36, and Jacqueline Meyer, 45, as suspects and obtain a warrant to search their home.

The lip balm was one of the items they confiscated, believing it stolen. Testing the DNA on the moisturizer, they were able to find it matched the victim, tying both Feeney and Meyer to the robbery.

"In this case, my detective, Brian Driscoll, certainly was thinking outside of the box in finding a way to link a piece of property to a suspect, to a victim and eventually to solving a crime," Willey said to WCVB.

(H/T: CBS Local Boston)

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