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Under God: Indivisible' Conference Will Tackle America's 'Spiritual Crisis


"We have organized the...meeting to emphasize the importance of another great spiritual awakening."

Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Love" event is now just weeks away. In addition to the exciting happenings that will unfold at Cowboys Stadium, there will be numerous coinciding conferences and meetings going on from July 26-28 (a full list of events is here). Among the initiatives is "Under God Indivisible," a conference that is separate from but held in conjunction with "Restoring Love." The event will focus upon American values and the need to bring the Almighty back into the mainstream.

On Friday, July 27, some of the most intriguing faith leaders from across America -- and from numerous denominations -- will come together at High Point Church in Dallas, Texas, to participate in the leadership event. It's primary purpose? Calling America back to God.

In addition to hearing from an array of speakers, attendees will gain a great deal of information about the issues unfolding in the U.S., while engaging in prayer and other forms of worship. The end goal is a reawakening that serves to stir the nation's heart. A web site setup to promote "Under God: Indivisible" reads, in part:

Every significant turning-point in our nation’s history (from the birth of this republic to the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement) was preceded by a great spiritual awakening, when people of faith joined together in prayer and purpose.  In spite of their differences, they found common ground to address shared concerns.

There is little disagreement that America is now in a spiritual crisis, but we believe the situation is far from hopeless!  However, the church and those with faith in the living God are the only hope to see our nation’s perilous course corrected.  It is our responsibility to hold up godly standards, allowing truth and the principles of our founding fathers to guide our path. [...]

This unprecedented day begins at 2:30 pm...[and includes] a panel discussion among these exceptional leaders, sharing their insight on matters of faith in the public forum and how to express specific concerns among our congregations and in our communities.  This session (for pastors, priests, and rabbis, along with other ministry and business leaders) will give attendees an opportunity to ask questions of their own.

Speakers at the event will include: the Rev. James Robison (he's co-hosting), Dr. Tony Evans, Father Jonathan Morris, Pastor John Hagee among many others (a full list of speakers can be found here).

"We have organized the...meeting to emphasize the importance of another great spiritual awakening," Robison says of the event. "We’re calling for people of faith to seek common ground to effectively address our legitimate concerns."

Planning to attend "Restoring Love" -- or live in the Dallas area? You can get more information about the "Under God: Indivisible" conference here.

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