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Man Catches Bare-Handed Foul Ball While...Holding a Baby


If you missed this clip, you'll most definitely want to check it out. At the Braves game on Monday in Atlanta (the team lost 4-1 to the Chicago Cubs), a man in the stands caught a foul-ball. While this certainly isn't uncommon, this particular catch is noteworthy. While he reached up with his left hand to make the bare-handed grab, he was -- astoundingly -- holding a baby in is right arm.

The Huffington Post has more about the astounding catch:

The baby seems to be wearing a bib emblazoned with the Cubs' logo and the woman to the right of the man who made the snag is also wearing a Cubs shirt. IF she is the mother of this child then she seems far more psyched about the catch than concerned about the child in the moment.

To his credit, the Braves fan who made this snag never seemed close to dropping the youngster, which puts him well ahead of some other folks who have found themselves in similar situations.

Watch the incredible moment for yourself, below:

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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