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Incredible Vid: Base Jumper Survives 400-Foot Crash Into Snow After Parachute Fails to Open


"How do you fall 400 feet and live?"

(Image: Live Leak Screenshot)

Earlier this year, a Russian man jumped from an electrical tower 400 feet high. Deploying his parachute only a few seconds after the jump, it quickly becomes apparent, that something was wrong.

In the footage taken from the event in March, which was just recently released, you can see that the parachute doesn't open properly. A few seconds later, he inevitably lands on the snow-covered ground. A puff of white is all you see. Amazingly though, he lived.

According to the CBS report, the parachutist suffered a concussion, broken pelvis and spinal injury, but apparently is walking again as of late.

Watch the clip for yourself:

Live Leak states that the victim of the fall was a 28-year-old named Ivan. The electrical pole was near the village of Glinka Konakovo district. After the fall, Ivan was rushed to a hospital in Konakovo in a very serious condition.

Here's more complete footage of the events leading up to and including the fall from Live Leak:

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