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Liberal Talk Show Host: I Hate This Godd--n Country


"How is health care not a basic human right?!"

The 4th of July has concluded. And with its conclusion, a refreshing burst of honesty has at last emerged from the Left to remind us all what emotion, precisely, they actually feel for America's tradition of freedom and personal responsibility. Apparently, in at least one case, that emotion is sheer, bone-chilling hate.

In the following clip, courtesy of the Radio Equalizer, an unidentified liberal radio host, apparently filling in for the more identifiable liberal talk show host Randi Rhodes, recounts a tragic tale of how, while sick and worried about the costs of a visit to the doctor, she quite literally screamed, "I hate this godd--n country. How can I live in a place that lets people go broke because they get sick?! How is health care not a basic human right?"

Powerful stuff. Unfortunately, the anecdote this particular host uses to make her point rather undermines her ultimate conclusion.

To begin with, observant readers will note that this particular host is not talking about having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars, for a treatment. Instead, she is talking about paying a potential grand total of $2000. Now, we freely admit that $2000 is quite a lot of money and certainly more than some of us could pay at one sitting. However, it's not a sum we can imagine someone declaring bankruptcy over. So the question of how this country can let someone go bankrupt over a $2000 fee strikes us as a little melodramatic, not to mention a case of misplaced blame - after all, it's not the whole country's fault that this happens.

But that ignores the even bigger point involved in this clip - namely, that the only reason this host isn't worried about a bill in the tens of thousands of dollars or more is because she has health insurance. Let us repeat that: She has health insurance. Now, think about this for a moment - evidently, despite the endless, nauseatingly repetitive arguments advanced by the Left about how the majority of Americans are suffering under the yoke of a system where health insurance is the only sure way to get care, one of their own spokespeople is still complaining about how, despite having health insurance, she still doesn't feel comfortable getting care. If nothing else, this undermines the notion that health insurance and health care are the same markets, which in turn undermines the entire rationale for, say, Obamacare.

However, we think there's a deeper point here. The host complains about how health care is not a "basic human right." We'd suggest that this tells the reader something very instructive about the ultimate goal of the Left regarding health care - namely, that it is not enough that we all be forced to buy insurance for ourselves. We must instead be forced into buying care for each other, and not even necessarily only for the poor - apparently even people with enough influence and connections to get on the radio as political commentators will be able to expropriate our charity as well. What's the old adage from Margaret Thatcher about socialism? Ah yes, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples' money."


It appears the fill-in host is Nicole Sandler.

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