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Former DNC Chair: Wait, Why Are we Attacking Romney for Being Wealthy?


"Big deal that he jetskis or whatever it was he was doing, big deal!"

During a discussion on the president's proposed extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for people earning less than $250,000 a year, former Democratic National Committee chair Ed Rendell characterized Team Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s wealth as misguided.

“This campaign, coming out of Chicago for the President has emphasized Romney's wealth and talked about vacationing and how many houses and Swiss bank accounts,” Charlie Rose said on "CBS This Morning."

"There are some who say that it looks like an attack on the wealthy and that's not good politics," he added.

“I think people will remember that FDR and JFK, they were very wealthy people who did a lot to help working people,” Rendell responded. “I think that more importantly is to attack what Mitt Romney has done in his career, the things he did at Bain."

"The fact that he has money in Swiss bank accounts, that's more pertinent than it is to just to say that he is wealthy. Big deal that he jetskis or whatever it was he was doing, big deal! People understand that it is a vacation."

"But I think to draw the contrast of outsourcing and things like that, that's obviously working,” he added.

Simply put, Rendell believes that, if anything, Team Obama should hit Romney over things he has actually done rather than demonize him for being well-off.

Watch the discussion [via CBS]:

(H/T: Fox Nation) This story has been updated.

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