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Re: Nancy Pelosi boogies with 'Sharp Dressed Man


Nancy Pelosi + ZZ Top + Barney Frank's gay wedding reception = YouTube gold, as Jason demonstrated earlier.

Personally, I'm anxiously waiting for the cell phone video of this:

Senator John Kerry and Gov. Deval L. Patrick left early. But Representative Nancy Pelosi stayed late — and swayed on the dance floor to “It’s Raining Men.”

(If you have it, please email me.)

As if this extravaganza hadn't already peaked in weirdness for you yet, there's this:

Mr. Frank, famous for his tirades, appeared close to tears as his sister, Ann Lewis, walked him down the aisle. He was trailed by a few hired photographers and by Ms. [Elizabeth] Kucinich, who leapt with joy as the bridegrooms appeared and snapped dozens of photos for an album that she planned to present as a gift to the couple. [...]

Later, at an outdoor cocktail reception after the ceremony, Ms. Kucinich ran up to a reporter and gestured toward a nearby meadow.

“Did you see all the rabbits?” Ms. Kucinich asked. “It’s a sign of fertility for their marriage.”

Oh, and this:

After cake, a lyrics sheet was passed out to the guests. It was a reworked version of the 1970s hit “Low Rider,” with politically themed lyrics co-written by Mr. Ready. Excerpts:

“All. My. Friends. Are voting O-ba-ma. … Take a little trip. Take a little trip. To help the e-con-o-mee. / Take a little trip. Take a little trip. To help beat the G-O-P.”

Mazel tov, Barney. 

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