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Real News From The Blaze' Begins 'The War Room' Examining Campaign Fundraising


"Real News" began the show's new daily political segment titled "The War Room" Tuesday, examining campaign fundraising.

A new Washington Post poll shows President Obama and Mitt Romney still in a dead heat, despite Romney out-raising Obama in June by $35 million and the Obama campaign spending millions in a multi-state negative ad blitz against their opponent.

A lot of noise is made about campaign spending and fundraising, but is there any direct evidence that it can tip an election in one direction or the other? President Obama has been leaning on big donors to boost his fundraising numbers in posh New York City apartments, glitzy Hollywood homes, and the Hamptons, where he outraised Romney by 39 percent. On the other side, Wall Street has firmly backed Romney. On "Real News" Tuesday, the influence of fundraising on this election was debated, as well as whether or not money really equals votes:



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