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This chart could decide November's election


The Romney campaign is celebrating this week after raising more than $100 million in donations during the month of June, $30 million more than President Obama.  But the celebrations may be short-lived.  President Obama still has a serious spending advantage in key swing states which could ultimately swing November's election.  The Washington Post has the details on the millions being spent on TV spots by Obama, Romney and GOP PACs... and it's the PACs that are keeping Romney in the game at this point:

In each of the 8 states where both campaigns are spending money on TV ads, the conglomerate of conservative outside groups are outspending Romney, sometimes by a factor of three or four.

In Florida, for example, Romney’s $2 million on ads pales in comparison to the $9 million that Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity have combined to spend in the Sunshine State.

And, the chart above doesn’t even take into account Pennsylvania where Obama has spent almost $5 million on ads while Romney has yet to spend a dime. Crossroads GPS has put $2.3 million in ads into the Keystone State while Americans for Prosperity has dumped $1.8 million into the state, spending that may keep it competitive heading into the fall.

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