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Don't eat your dog': The moral case for free enterprise


The American Enterprise Institute has released an interesting new video that makes the moral case for free enterprise:

The video starts out with a simple story about the Smith family and their dog, Muffin. Muffin is beloved by the Smith’s, and the family is devastated when she is accidentally hit by a car, and goes to “doggy heaven.” Bizarrely, the family decides that the best use for their dead dog is to cook and consume her (strikingly similar to the childhood dietary practices of a certain U.S. president).

AEI President Arthur Brooks uses this story to make a case for how society perceives free enterprise as moral or immoral, and how that perception, “is very unlikely to be swayed by logical arguments.”

One example Brooks cites is the tendency for politicians to use examples of sick grandparents and impoverished children as debating points, thus attempting to make the issue of wealth redistribution a moral one.


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