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Real News From The Blaze': Are All Calls for Transparency in Politics Productive?


The Obama campaign has spent the past week hammering Romney for only releasing one year’s tax returns, and pushing for more information on the Republican presidential candidate's offshore bank accounts. Democratic leaders like Sen. Harry Reid have rolled out quotes from George Romney advocating presidential candidates release their financial records, Vice President Joe Biden has made comments about Romney showing his papers to Hispanic voters, and the Obama campaign has released a new web video all designed to pose the question “what is this rich guy hiding?”

And until Romney releases his records, regardless of whether or not he should have to, it is possible that many will assume that he is hiding something.

From Solyndra to Operation Fast & Furious to shady hot mic comments to the president of Russia, the expectation for an unprecedented level of transparency in politics that President Obama campaigned on in 2008 has not exactly been met.

When it comes to politics both sides are equally guilty of tactics that seek to hide, obfuscate and conceal a variety of things. The Fix did a post Wednesday on "the cult of transparency" explaining that while the economy will be largely what sways this election, independent and unaffiliated voters are especially huge fans of transparency and the the Obama campaign is well aware of the political capital in driving the narrative that Romney has something to hide.

But does transparency in politics matter all that much? 'Real News' panelist S.E. Cupp wrote a column for the Daily News Wednesday questioning whether shining a light on every single thing in politics and government will make a difference in anyone’s life. Will chasing down information about Romney's bank accounts lower unemployment or help Americans understand his proposed policies for job creation? Will seeing President Obama's Harvard transcripts bring peace in the Middle East?

Watch a clip from 'Real News' Wednesday discussing transparency in politics:

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