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Trust Is a Two-Way Street: Beck Gives What Could Be The Most Powerful Oval Office Speech Yet


Our institutions have failed us, but our Founding Fathers knew they would.

On Wednesday evening, Glenn Beck delivered what could be the most powerful Oval Office speech yet, detailing why America has a serious "trust deficit."

Americans, according to Beck, no longer trust their country's sacred institutions such as Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Following suit are the media, and of course, the banks. He wondered how all of these institutions could fail us, and in such a measurable way.

Beck also noted that the solution is not that simple, because even if its leaders were to start telling the truth, we as a nation are supposed to be suspicious of big institutions and big government -- that is how the Founding Fathers intended it.

After being exploited, the Founders "chose revolution," Beck reminded.

They trusted "the individual" and gave the power to the individual.

With this in mind, the Founders wrote the Constitution, knowing all the while that trust in any institution can only lead to dependency. Trust, according to Beck, is a "two-way street" and it's now time to make America's institutions earn it.

Watch Beck deliver his profound message from the Oval Office below. Another thought-provoking segment on the lasting principles that need to be restored follows below.

We've lost our faith in institutions, "but we still have faith in our neighbors and hard-working Americans":

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