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Flung From the Car Like a Rag Doll': Video Shows Passenger Flying Through Sunroof During Crash


"...I looked at them, then back at this mangled car and I thought, 'How on earth are they alive?'"

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On a notoriously bad stretch of road in a Dudley, West Midlands., neighborhood in the U.K. residents are unfortunately getting used to accidents happening in front of their home. According to The Mirror, eight accidents have occurred on the road, which has been reviewed by the city council for safety, within the last decade.

The latest accident though may be one for the record books. A female driver lost control of her Peugeot 406 late Sunday night, causing it to nearly flip on its side and launching the passenger out of the sunroof in the process. Video footage shows the male passenger landed on the ground but quickly getting up and checking himself briefly before going to attend to his girlfriend who also went unharmed.

Watch the footage:

The Sun has more from the owners of the home in front of which the vehicle landed:

The crash was captured on home-security cameras installed outside pensioner Howard Hampton's home.

Howard, 75, a former brewery driver, said: "I was just dropping off to sleep at about 10.30pm when I heard this almighty bang.

"Me and my wife Margaret looked out of the bedroom window to see this car lying in our front garden.

"This couple in their 30s were standing in front of the car hugging - I looked at them, then back at this mangled car and I thought, 'How on earth are they alive?'

"When I checked the footage back it just confounded my amazement - their car just somersaulted and the man comes flying out the sun-roof.

"I've caught people stealing my door mat on CCTV before but never anything like this."

According to The Sun, this is the fourth time in two years that the couple's garden wall has been smashed by cars. It notes Howard's sister Joyce, also his next door neighbor, saying the sound that woke her up made her think "Oh no, the garden wall's gone again."

The Mirror reports the local city council evaluated the stretch of road in 2009 and installed signs warning drivers of the appropriate speed needed to accommodate safe driving on the road.

(H/T: CNN)

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