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Strangely Compelling': Have You Seen the Mashed Potato Dispensers at Some 7-Elevens?


You may not be familiar with the machines, but in some 7-Elevens around the world -- and select U.S. locations -- Slurpees aren't the only soft concoction issued from a dispenser. If you were hankering for a Thanksgiving Day treat -- minus the boiling, mashing and stirring in of milk, butter sour cream with a topping of gravy -- some 7-Elevens can provide you with a quick mashed potato meal.

With a look similar to the instant cappuccino makers found in the convenience store, GeekOSystem reports the Instant Mashed Potato Machine makes the creamy snack with Swiss sauce, seasoning, and instant soup from the company Maggi. Tecca states it usually costs no more than $2.

Asking a 7-Eleven representative why we don't see more of these in the United States -- they're apparently pretty common in Singapore -- Tecca found out is the responsibility of each 7-Eleven owner to acquire the machines they would like in their store.

Watch how the machine works:

GeekOSystem called the machines "horrifying" yet "strangely compelling." Tecca felt they were "ridiculous."

Would you eat mashed potatoes from this thing -- or bring a tureen and fill up before guests arrive before Thanksgiving?

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