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Majority of Whites Have 'Never, Ever, Ever, Ever' Favored Rights for Blacks in America, 'Fantasy' to Think That -- Says Former NYTimes Writer, NBC Reporter


Bob Herbert, former opinion writer for the New York Times and NBC correspondent, made some startling admissions about his views on whites in America and their relationship with blacks.

Speaking on a panel at Stony Brook University in New York, Mr. Herbert discussed his views on how absurd it is to think that white people ever supported the civil rights of black people in this country.  When an audience member asked about the possibility of white solidarity, Herbert, shaken by the sheer assumption of the question, lashed out:

 "A majority of whites have never favored equal rights in this country.  Never, ever, ever, ever.  It's never even been close -- It is a fantasy to talk about the idea of a majority of whites supporting the rights of blacks."

Herbert then breathlessly noted that "a majority of whites voted against Barack Obama for President in just this past election."   According to CNN, Obama did end up receiving 43% of the overall white vote.

Herbert, still shaken, barraged the audience with a litany of nervous citations as he attempted to defend his seemingly indefensible statement.

"Every time blacks move into a neighborhood, still whites flee," Herbert noted without reference or statistic. "Employment discrimination now is incredible," Herbert lamented, calling the practice "horrible."  He then cites the existence of the Tea Party, and that sometimes, a black hockey player gets "mocked" as clear signs of societal racism.

In closing his offensive retort, Herbert doggedly declared:

"This idea that a majority of whites, at different points in our history, favored equal rights for Blacks is just not the case."

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