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George Zimmerman Releases Bilingual Video Thanking His Supporters


Odds are, if you've been following the Trayvon Martin case, you have an opinion - probably a very strong one - about who is at fault in the case, and how you think it ought to come out.

Of course, until the case ends, we won't actually know which of these opinions turned out to be right. But watching the behavior of the participants can prove instructive, which is why this story about George Zimmerman is arguably revealing. You see, Zimmerman has recreated TheRealGeorgeZimmerman.com, a site he originally set up when the case's media coverage was trending heavily against him. Now, Zimmerman is enjoying more balanced coverage, and as such, has uploaded a Youtube video where he thanks his supporters, both in English and Spanish, for their support:

Responses to this video are predictable. Zimmerman's supporters will seize on it as proof that he is a class act, and Zimmerman's opponents will claim it's nothing but disingenuous, empty sociopathy. One can't actually know which of these explanations is true until the trial concludes.

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